Loner. Antisocial. Hermit. Any of this sound familiar? You could just hate people, or maybe you're an introvert. It isn't that introverts hate people. Well, some might, but not all of us. We just prefer more solitary pursuits and being around large groups of people, going to parties, ect. are emotionally draining for us. Introverts need to have generous amounts of "me time" to recharge their batteries. Extraverts can just get their nightly rest and be good to go. Whereas extraverts draw strength from human interaction, introverts suffer for it. Have you ever been out in a crowd, be it at a party or amusement park and find yourself overwhelmed by the noise and large amounts of people? Me too. Now it isn't that introverts completely disdain human interaction. We just prefer it to be with a few people at a time, max. And when we do spend time in the company of others, we need time alone to recuperate. It isn't being mean. It's what we need. We also don't care much for small talk. When introverts talk, it's usually because we have something to say. More often than not, however, we're perfectly content to just listen. Introverts basically live inside themselves; that's why introverts tend to follow creative pursuits: writing, drawing, ect.

On a more personal note, I always had misconceptions on what it means to be introverted. I used to just think it was someone who was shy and quiet. That's not even close to the truth. Not all introverts are shy and quiet. I can be quite loud and outspoken when I'm among my closest friends. But once I started reading more about it, I realized just how in-depth introversion really is. I never understood why I feel so drained after a day spent at an amusement park, or even worse, my weekend at Comic Con. I always have fun, but I'll find myself stopping to close my eyes and close out all the noise and movement around me. I thought that was just me being weird, not my introversion trying to recharge my body and mind.

So I decided to apply for and run this fanlisting. There are already ones for being antisocial, a loner and the like. And while that does fit me at times, it isn't always who I am. I am an introvert and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I decided to name it Misunderstood simply because introverts are just that: misunderstood. Most people don't understand introverts. Most people think that we're rude or antisocial and that they can help us out of our shell and be "normal". We're not broken. We're just different.

So if you're like me, or just think introversion is interesting, consider joining.